Friday Favorites: Date Nights at Home

Friday Favorites - ideas for date nights at homeHaving both grandmothers so close by and plenty of uncles and aunts who are happy to babysit for us is a huge blessing. We take advantage of that and have a weekly date night. :) But sometimes when it’s been a tiring week we just want to stay at home or maybe spend some time together after Wendy and Micah are asleep for the night. Here are some of our favorite things for an impromptu date at home:

Break out the wine. Such a simple thing, but it makes date nights at home feel a little more special!
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Strawberry Napoleons

Strawbery Napoleons: an easy, pretty dessert of puff pastry, vanilla cream, and fresh berries!In keeping with my resolve to use up food in our freezers and pantry, I knew I wanted to make something with one sheet of very old puff pastry and a tub of cool whip. (I dislike cool whip, but Printz Charming bought two containers of it on sale and it’s been sitting in our freezer ever since).

Using up things in the pantry can feel like participating in my own private Chopped competition. Only in this case, I totally cheated and followed a recipe because how could I not? The whole reason I buy puffed pastry in the first place is to make the strawberry napoleon recipe on the box. Continue reading