Apple Week: Apple Butter

Apple ButterWelcome to the final recipe of apple week: homemade apple butter! Something about jars full of apple butter makes me feel so cozy. :) Thanks to friends and their equipment, I was able to easily turn a ton of apples into applesauce and then turn applesauce into apple butter at home.

This recipe comes from my friends, who first invited me to make apple butter with them seven years ago. The aroma is incredible. For several hours, the scent of apple and cloves and cinnamon wafts through the house. And apple butter is surprisingly simple to make. Continue reading

Apple Week: Apple Dumplings

Apple DumplingsLast week was a doozy. I ended up needing to see a doctor and so I went to an Urgent Care only to find out that said Urgent Care was closed. Not closed as in I was there at the wrong time, but closed as in it no longer existed. I called my husband and he directed me to another Urgent Care, Wendy asking all the while “where’s the doctor? Where’s the doctor, Mommy? Where we going NOW?”

I got the kids out of their carseats and discovered that Micah had had a diaper blowout. Carried him under one arm into the new Urgent Care and asked for a place to change him.

Discovered that I had no baby wipes in the diaper bag. Continue reading