Sugar Cookies with Icing: Kid-Friendly and Delicious!

Just a note: I’ll be taking a little time off from blogging, so this is my last post until after Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful week and joyful times with friends and family. :)Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing: A kid-friendly, but still delicious recipe!As a kid, my sisters and I would decorate sugar cookies every year for Christmas. They looked pretty ghastly at times and were generally unappetizing (imagine cookie dough being kneaded, rolled, re-rolled, repeat . . . I liked playing with the dough more than anything). It didn’t matter, we had a blast and that was the point, but those cookies tended to sit around until long after Christmas.

I am eager for Wendy and Micah to enjoy the family tradition of cookie decorating. I’m also eager for the cookies to be tasty if not exactly iced and sprinkled to perfection.Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing: A kid-friendly, but still delicious recipe! Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing: A kid-friendly, but still delicious recipe! Continue reading

Christmas House Tour 2014

Christmas Tour 2014

Welcome! If you are new here or stopping by from The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes, I’m so glad you chose to visit! :)

Usually I post a bunch of photos and talk a little bit about my decorations (or lack thereof, depending on the year). But this year I’m taking this whole shebang over to YouTube and giving you a video tour! It feels a little more homey and personal to show you around this way. Now if I could only figure out a way to hand you cookies and hot chocolate . . .

If you are showing your home on a blog or Instagram, would you please leave a link for me in the comments? I’d love to check it out!

And finally, Merry Christmas! :)

Decluttering My House: My Desk

IMG_5131Wait, you ask . . . didn’t you already declutter your desk a long time ago?

Exactly, my friends. And as we all know, decluttering is not a once and done thing. Stuff creeps back into our lives and desks are notorious offenders.

The main reason why I am sharing my desk again is because it is no longer “my” desk. It is now “our” desk . . . that’s right, I am sharing it with my husband! He still has “his” desk downstairs, but the reality is that he is usually only downstairs during working hours and the rest of the time is upstairs with us . . . hooray! :) So all of his non-work papers and mail and such end up on a table in the living room. NOT COOL. Continue reading