Our Family’s Easter Tradition: Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs & Coconut Eggs

Phew, that was a long title. I wanted to condense it into Peanut Butter and Coconut Eggs, but you need to know that these eggs are not a blend of peanut butter and coconut together, they’re two separate types of candy eggs.IMG_2065

And they’re both awesome.IMG_2056

But first a little history: this recipe comes from my husband’s side of the family. My mother-in-law tells me that her sister-in-law initially didn’t want to share the recipe with her until she married my father-in-law! Secret family recipes and all that. ;)

(Hmm . . . I hope I am not breaking any unwritten family code of honor by sharing this with the entire world . . . ) Continue reading

What Wendy Wore

IMG_2032It has been ages since I shared a “What Wendy Wore” post here on the blog. I could easily do one every week, because my little girl loves few things more than dressing up! Purple, pink, dresses, nail polish, shoes, necklaces & bracelets . . . she’s into all of it. She even likes to give her Daddy her fashion opinions. :) She goes rushing down the hallway in the morning to select his shirt for him, haha.

And is it just me or has she grown up a ton?! I think it is mostly those adorably tiny ponytails. They melt me.

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Sweet Orange Bread

Sweet Orange Bread with Glaze | via Lemon Jelly CakeI had a major citrus craving at the end of my pregnancy. I was going through oranges like they were going out of style. I was making limeade or buying it every week. And anything involving lemon had my name written ALL over it.

And orange bread? I’m onboard with that idea! This loaf (or rather loaves, it makes two) is glazed not once, but twice. First with an orange syrup and then with a traditional sugar glaze. The result is tons of fresh orange flavor and sweetness!

Sweet Orange Bread with Glaze | via Lemon Jelly Cake Sweet Orange Bread with Glaze | via Lemon Jelly Cake Continue reading

It’s Different with Your Second Baby

It's Different With Your Second Baby | via Lemon Jelly Cake It's Different With Your Second Baby | via Lemon Jelly CakeWith the warmer weather, I stood outside last night in the driveway while my husband and father-in-law were discussing work benches (they’re building one) . . . and my neighbor across the street came hurrying over to meet Micah. I’m not one of those “no one can hold my baby” types, so I immediately passed him over to her. After all, he’s nearing 11 pounds. My arms appreciate the break!

She has five kids. She told me once how much she loves the baby stage and that’s why she had so many. ;) There is something so incredibly precious about watching a mother whose little ones are no longer little just savoring the sweetness of a new baby. You can almost see her reliving the best moments. All of the sleepless nights and hours of infant wails have faded into a hazy sort of amnesia.

“Are you finding you’re more blasé and relaxed this time?” she asked me. Continue reading

Spring and Summer Fun Checklist

Spring & Summer Fun Checklist | via Lemon Jelly CakeSummer is not my favorite season. Let me just start by putting that out there. I know, it’s shocking! I hate heat and humidity. Give me May or October over July & August any day. However . . . there are certain perks to every season and summer has more than its fair share! ;)

My bloggy (not a word) friend Alyssa from The Baking Yogi posted a Summer Fun Checklist a week ago she found that was chock-full of great ideas. And then we decided to make our own lists! (You can check out her list here.) And we’re going to keep track of this awesome summer on Instagram! You don’t have to be a blogger to join the party. :) Just make a list of your own or steal one of ours, post your pictures on Instagram, and add #2014summerfunchecklist so we can all see what is happening. Continue reading