Decluttering My House: How I Deal with the Christmas Aftermath

This post has been sitting in drafts for a while now while I debated whether or not to share it. It’s a touchy subject for some! We are not minimalists by any stretch of the imagination and our kids have plenty of toys. ;) This is what works for our family.

Decluttering My House: How I Deal with the Christmas AftermathThis is probably one of the most challenging decluttering projects that I tackle and it’s one that comes back to haunt me every Christmas.

I think just about everyone has a well-meaning, loving, and generous family member (or several) who loves to shop . . . or maybe even lives to shop. ;) And there is just something about Christmas and children that makes the shopaholics and non-shopaholics alike go wild (I’m not immune myself). They probably mean well, but left alone their excessive gifting can make the floors in your house start to sag. And while it can be relatively easy to part with stuff that you buy for yourself, it can be so challenging to part with things that someone just gave you!

Oh, and if the things they gave you are for your children? Decluttering mission impossible!

We have some notorious over-gifters (new word there) in our family. And today I want to talk about how I deal with the overwhelming influx of stuff every Christmas and birthday.Decluttering My House: How I Deal with the Christmas Aftermath Continue reading

Ultimate Chocolate Cookies: A Baking Video with Wendy

Ultimate Chocolate CookiesI hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I made to get this recipe. Or at least, the sacrifice I was willing to make. I offered my soul in exchange for this recipe, but since I was asking an elder’s wife from church she didn’t seem interested in the trade and just sweetly obliged.

Chocolate makes me do questionable things.

Anyway, the important thing is: I HAVE THE RECIPE. You can’t imagine the feeling of power this gives me, knowing that I hold the secret to such incredible cookies. I wonder if I could trade this recipe for a Corvette for my husband?

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My Cleaning Checklist: Deep Cleaning in the Depths of Winter

Winter Deep Cleaning ChecklistI don’t know about you, but I am not much of a spring cleaner. Certainly I will open all of the windows to air out the house after a long winter, but my enthusiasm generally stops there. It’s spring! I want to be outside! I want to spend weekends at the playground and the lake, not slaving away cleaning everything.

Winter is another story. We are snowed in for days on end. We get sick. It’s too cold for the lake, the playground, or any other prolonged outdoor activities. In the winter, I really have time to notice the dust bunnies, the stains, the crumbs, and the finger smears.

So I’ve decided to jumpstart my “spring” cleaning. Who says you have to wait until the warmer weather? Most of the spring cleaning happens inside anyway. :) Continue reading