Prosciutto Chicken & Asparagus with Basil Cream Sauce (AKA my favorite chicken recipe)

Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken & Asparagus in Pesto Cream SauceSometimes food bloggers can be really finicky about things like photos. You want all of your images to be clear and gorgeous and dripping with natural light (wrong terminology, but you get it). You want your readers to grab a spoon and try to eat their computer or at the very least, be inspired to turn off the computer and run to the kitchen.

But I’m not a “cook for the blog” blogger, I’m a “blog about what I cook for my family anyway” blogger. Which means that in winter, you won’t find many new dinner recipes here on LJC because it gets dark early and I hate shooting food without at least a LITTLE daylight.Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken & Asparagus in Pesto Cream Sauce I’ve been cooking this recipe for close to a year now. Somehow I missed my window of opportunity over the long summer nights, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this here. So I made it for lunch! :) Continue reading

What We’re Eating: My Weekly Meal Plan

My Weekly Menu PlanThis blog post was a total last-minute whim. :) Every week Katie’s “Menu Monday” post pops up in my BlogLovin’ feed. I enjoy getting to see what other people are eating and it can help me get out of a rut with my dinner ideas. After sharing how/why I menu plan on YouTube, I figured it would be fun to share an actual meal plan!

I came up with this in about 5-10 minutes last night. It is based primarily off of the weather and what we already have on hand, because it is unlikely I will be able to get to a store before Wednesday or Thursday!

I’ve included lunch on the plan, but not breakfast because breakfast is very rarely “planned” around here. Any recipes that are here on Lemon Jelly Cake have links. :) Continue reading

A Kitchen Tour

I have shared a lot of our kitchen through various projects here on the blog. In fact, I think my very first blog post was a before/after of our kitchen when I painted it.

It has changed quite a bit since then. There haven’t been any dramatic makeovers other than paint and everything looks much the same cosmetically, but I have rearranged and organized cupboards and drawers to suit our family’s needs. I’m constantly tweaking things!

If you spend a short while looking at “house tours” on blogs or checking out “kitchen” pins on Pinterest, you’ll quickly notice that we all seem to be obsessed with gleaming, white, bordering-on-sterile kitchens. I am not immune to this. My dream kitchen is the hopelessly impractical sort where if you cook spaghetti, you’ll probably ruin the white marble counters forever. Continue reading