Decluttering My House: Pantry & Freezers UPDATE!

IMG_2969Apparently my estimations were way off when I thought I could make meals for a month from what we already have in my pantry and freezers.

I think have enough food for two or three months. Holy hoarding, you guys! The one thing I am learning through this is that I really need to take into account what I already have when I plan menus. I know it sounds obvious, right? More about that in a future meal planning post. :) Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Fall Favorites Leaf Printable

Free Printable: 8 x 10 inch Fall Favorites Leaf Print

Autumn will officially begin in just over a week! In honor of the season, I’ve made a printable of some of the nicest things about the fall. You know me and my obsession with frequently updating my artwork! This will fit nicely in an 8×10-inch frame. Just right click the image, open it in a new tab or window, and print!

Pin and share to your heart’s content. :) And now, while it’s Friday . . . Continue reading

Thrifted Treasure: Fall & Winter Clothes, Baby Gear, and more!

IMG_4000It’s been a long time since I shared any thrifted finds here on Lemon Jelly Cake. Let’s change that! :) With two fast-growing kids and changing seasons, we always seem to be needing something . . . bigger shoes, more long-sleeved shirts. If we bought everything new for our kids, the clothing budget would be out of control.

So every spring and every autumn we go to an enormous local consignment sale for baby and children’s things. Everything from clothes to toys to bassinets, all under one roof for a whole three days. Continue reading