52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 6


Another kitchen cupboard organized, a dozen more to go! (Not really. This one and this one definitely needed help though.) I was tired of opening the doors and seeing disorganized baby food, bottles, candy, and lots of random stuff. Formula samples? Yep, still there, even though Wendy is breastfed and we’ve never used any formula.

The first step, of course, was to clear everything out and sort it.

Revelation: we have too many plastic bags. See Isabel, our 70 pound German Shepherd, for size reference. I want to find a better storage solution for bags than cramming them into a cupboard. Ideas?

I organized our candy into His and Her’s jars. This one is clearly mine because of the ratio of chocolate to other stuff.

The inhabitants of the cupboard haven’t changed very much, but all of the unnecessary stuff is gone and the upper righthand side is completely vacant.

Next week’s project: Getting all crafty and organizing my jewelry, Pinterest style!
(Miss a week? See previous projects.)

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