Thankful Sunday (18)

Pretty rainbows from our door.

I’ve had a week filled with thankfulness, but not the kind that you can take a picture of.

On Tuesday a friend of mine lost his father and yesterday I went to the funeral with my older sister. There is nothing like the reminder of death to stir up a deep and overwhelming thankfulness for life and the ones I love most.

Spring is here.

An unexpected friendship can be born out of a broken relationship and I am thankful for it.

first flowers

I am thankful for the faith of the people who fill this place. I am thankful for this place, even thankful for the pervasive mold, the bats, the crumbling walls. Blessings come in the strangest disguises.


I get overwhelmed thinking about all of the people who have come and gone (some by choice, some by necessity) and left big gaping holes in our hearts. I am thankful for the ones who stay.

How am I so blessed?

Next week I’ll be back with tons of cute baby pictures and house pictures and all that. This week I am thankful for the things that cannot be photographed.

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