52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly CakeIf you have been keeping up with me for the past few months, you know that I have been repainting our spare bedroom for Wendy to grow into. Let me just start by saying don’t ever be like me and try to paint a room with this much stuff still in it! It is madness, I tell you.

That said, I somehow managed to get purple paint on those walls and white paint on the trim and even a little paint on the carpet.

And then I cleared out the piles of stuff.

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly CakeDid you spot the Wendybird?

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly CakeThis room has served as my staging/storage area for projects, basically ever since we moved in. I’ve kept step stools, painting equipment, picture frames, outgrown clothes, and more in it. My project for this week was sorting through all of it and clearing most of it out!

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly CakeIt looks a thousand times better now! The toy kitchen will obviously stay, as will the nightstand (although of course I plan on painting it!). I need some husbandly assistance with dissembling and storing the bunkbed. The eyesore metal gun safe will find a new home in the most inconspicuous place I can find. 😉

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly Cake

Those pieces of wood on the floor are part of a small bed frame we discovered in our attic. They need a good cleaning (and knowing me, probably a good coat of paint) before we know if they will stay!

52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17 | Lemon Jelly CakeWhat piles do you need to deal with? Are you joining in with Tsh from Simple Mom for her Project Simplify this week? Be sure to check out some of the awesome pile-conquering posts from other bloggers!

Next Week’s Project: It is the last week of Project Simplify and I am turning my attention toward Wendy’s out-of-control toys.
(If you are just joining me for the first time today, welcome! :) You can view all of my previous projects in this series here.)

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7 thoughts on “52 Projects in 52 Weeks: Week 17

  1. Alana in Canada

    Yeah, I don’t include our gun safe in photos, either. But really, unless I tell people, they’d really never know what it was!

    I’ve been reading back through you 52 projects posts. Amazing work you have been doing! I enjoy your writing, too. (Found you through the links at Simple Mom).
    Alana in Canada recently posted…The Picture FramesMy Profile

    1. Claire Post author

      Oh, thank you so much, Alana! :) Glad you found me . . . heading over to check out your blog now! And true, I could just identify it as being the world’s ugliest cabinet, haha!

  2. Alyssa

    It’s so cute that you call your little girl Wendybird. :) Reminds me of Peter Pan.

    Great job, girl! Do you have room for the gun safe in the garage? That seems like a better place than in the house, but knowing my husband, he likes to have the guns nearby and the garage would be too far away.
    Alyssa recently posted…Posing on Tuesday; Pyramid PoseMy Profile

    1. Claire Post author

      Yeah, it will probably end up in the laundry/furnace room, which is still a huge improvement over a bedroom, haha. (I feel super self-conscious about posting photos of it . . . I’m glad to know I’m not the only blogger out there with a gun-toting hubby!)

      She got that nickname within 24 hours of being born because she seemed so delicate and bird-like . . . until she started getting chubby. 😉 I really want to have a son named Peter, but Printz Charming says he doesn’t want a “Peter Pan themed family,” lol.

      1. Alyssa

        There’s so much stigma about having guns right now. I’ll admit I was uncomfortable when we first started living together and I knew he was bringing some of the guns with him, but he’s taught me how to use them and I feel relatively comfortable with each. He feels confident that when we have kids, he’ll be able to teach them gun safety so they understand they’re not toys, and I have faith in him, so that’s really all there is to it. :)

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with a peter pan naming scheme. 😉
        Alyssa recently posted…Kitchen Adventures; Butternut Squash RavioliMy Profile


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