WordPress Plugins That Add Google Functions To Your Blog

Amazing Googly! You want WordPress plugins That work nicely with Google? You are in luck as you will find a few wonderful WordPress plugins that execute a variety of tasks that also play well with Google. Some of these actually help your web site gain a much better ranking with Google.

Google XML Site Maps

This plugin creates a specific Xml-sitemap For the WordPress website. A site can help the search engine spiders index your own site. Meaning spiders is able to realize your site structure completely and recover it efficiently. Everytime you make a post, searchengines have been informed of fresh content. Search engines will even speed your site easier the better that they could read it.

Google Analyticator

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Quickly adds Google Analytics tracking code To the webpage of your blog. This lets users monitor all incoming downloads or links. You can see information out of the last 30 days about your traffic, like the top pages visited, the referrer and top searches. In addition, it hides your visits thus your secretary visits to do not impact the amounts.

Google AJAX Translation

Being online means folks around the planet Can go to your site. Google AJAX Translation plugin allows your weblog to be translated in to various languages. Traffic to your website can read articles , pages even comments translated into one of those 52 languages out there. You can opt to display all 52 or even just a couple languages.

Advertising Manager

As Opposed to manually incorporating Google ad code To your website, you can add AdSense to your posts with a click of the button. Manage and rotate your Google AdSense as well as other advertisements with this particular one plugin that is simple. This plugin actually works across several advertising networks so you are not limited to just Google WP hide.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

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When You Have a company or you need Your readers to know where something can be that a map would be the ideal way to spell out a locale. With MapPress, it readily adds Google Maps for your website or weblog post. You can include markers to locations and readers can quickly get driving instructions. Both you and your subscribers can pick from satellite or hybrid.

Google Doc Embedder

Embed PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, And Tiff Images with Google Doc Embedder. Similar programs require your visitor To have Adobe Reader, PowerPoint and other apps this allows visitors to Read directly.